Physics is one of the most amazing branches of science dealing with properties and nature of matter and energy. In short, it is a study of the universe. It is a part of natural physiology along with various branches of Math, biology, and chemistry. Let’s have a look at most mind – bending discoveries made by physicists.

Amazing Discoveries in Physics
Amazing Discoveries in Physics
  • Expansion of our Universe

In the field of Physics, Big Bang Theory was a vital explanation for the origin of the universe. They say our universe is expanding rapidly over time. This effect can be explained with the help of dark matter.

  • Gravity Affects Light

Before stepping to know how light is affected by gravity let’s have a look at light deflection. It is defined as a beam of light that is not entirely straight. It has been proved repeatedly even though it feels strange. It eventually means that a path of beam light is affected by an object or things that do such as the sun. The light does not possess any mass. For instance, when a beam of light from a faraway star passes near the sun the light may bend slightly around it.

  • Dark Matter

There are some accurate ways of measuring total mass present in the universe. Similarly, there are certain methods to measure mass that we observe. But the fact is that total mass that we can relatively account is entirely lesser than the total mass present in the universe. In order to explain this theory called Dark Matter came into existence, even though it is not proved formerly about its existence.

  • Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Mechanics is a branch of mechanics that deals with the interaction of subatomic particles incorporating the concepts of quantization of energy. These particles are very small and are essential as they form the building block of the universe. Let’s say there are electrons.  

Quantum entanglement is a special process that includes pairing up these two particles in such a way that they become identical. If you make any slight changes to any of the one then the other reacts in the same way. In short, it can be said that any information can be teleported to any part of the universe.

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