Activity Based Learning in Haryana SchoolsActivity-based learning is an active teaching-learning skill method. It is more valuable in primary classes. Teachers can make learning session more interesting by using this. It brings awareness to the students.Teachers can draft their activity based on the chapters. Activity Based Learning Methodology (A.B.L.) is a very interesting methodology. Now it is being introduced in primary schools in many states of India. Tamilnadu (India) is the best example, where a lot of work have done on Activity Based learning (A.B.L.) and Active Learning Methodology (A.L.M.) . Fun-based activities will make students smarter and healthy. Teachers will also get some time to get refresh by indulging with students. This will also improve the quality of teamwork among students.

Now Haryana schools will soon be seeing conducting their learning sessions based on Activity-based learning.

Chief Secretary School Education Department, PK Das said that the students have an apprehension of school and regard it as a weight. “We need that the students should enjoy in class. Rather than simply learning methodically, the students will have the capacity to learn through different exercises. Workshops of teachers are being held to set up a structure for the same. This will likewise enhance the nature of the students as they will build up an enthusiasm for learning,” he said.

 Activity Based Learning in Haryana

The Education Department has said within a month, rather than focussing on school periods on Saturdays kids will have exercises including music, theater, penetrates and games will be held. Through this, the abilities of the students will be sharpened. “There are students who won’t be great in academics but are good at games or music. At the point when reviewing the identity of the students, these exercises ought to be represented. Around 20 various types of exercises will be begun in the schools. Indeed, even students who are physically tested would be included with donning exercises. The point is to guarantee that all students are included in exercises that they appreciate,” Das said.

The board results over the year of Haryana schools are dipping due to their education standards. Failing ratio is increasing, it was high time to implement some new plans in education for the upliftment of schools and Haryana Education Standards.


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