College is one of the major steps in building our career well many people think that college means “study” “study” and “study” but it is not, so else you can say fun starts as soon as you start your college life. Well here we will give you some information regarding the top five colleges that provides the best education along with the proper entertainment facilities of the students.

1.IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay is among one of the best colleges that are situated near the Powai Lake. The students over here really feel this place as heaven because the college is equipped with all the essential facilities to be it the library, canteen, best teachers everything. Talking about the enjoyment of students so the college organises fest, fresher’s party, farewell party, and many more events that are enjoyed to a great extent by the students.

IIT Bombay : College Campuses That Let You Have Fun Along With Quality Education

2.Manipal University, Karnataka

The Manipal university is another big and beautiful destination where the student enjoys the academics courses, the energetic and enthusiastic environment of the college. The campus is very well built and has given the recreation facilities be it partying in the club, or the DJ night that is organized by the college it focuses on the overall development of the child so various events are organized every year to keep the students engaged and entertained.

Manipal University, Karnataka

3.BITS Goa

Since BITS is located in the most amazing place Goa that is full of astounding beaches it’s a craze among all the teenagers to go to Goa and enjoy. The college organize Sunburn Fest in the campus that makes the student crazy and happy after the hectic schedule of classes all over the year.bits-goa-campus

4.Symbiosis College, Pune

The Symbiosis college has an architecture just like a resort and is a fancy college that offers a lot along with the academics. It’s a treat to enjoy the college life of this college lots of fest, college cultural program, music concerts are organized for the overall growth and enjoyment of students.symbiosis-college-pune

St. Xavier’s College , Delhi University ,IIT Delhi, Vellore Institute of Technology, IIT Kanpur, etc all these colleges are also well known for their best education along with the overall development of a student.



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